Every roulette spin has a lot of thrill attached to it. Along with the higher stakes and higher risks, there are higher gains as well. There is no system that can guarantee a win in the roulette spins however without some basic skill it wouldn’t be wise to place your bets on the roulette table. There are a variety of myths existing amongst the casino enthusiasts. We have carefully formulated some of the most common myths.

All the roulette wheels are different

People generally assume that all the roulette wheels are same; however, there are two kinds of roulette wheels. One of the wheels is used for American roulette and the other is used for the European roulette. The only difference between the two wheels is that the American roulette wheel contains a “0” slot as well as the “00” slot, whereas the European roulette contains only the “0” slot. The difference is not that huge but the house advantage differs in both these wheels. The casino advantage with American roulette is 5.27% whereas the one with European roulette is 2.7%.

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This means that there are chances of losing your bankroll in American roulette.

A ‘due’ number or combination does not have a better chance of appearing

There is a widely known myth that the number that hasn’t appeared for a longer time has better chances of appearing. The truth is that there is no recorder of any kind that can tell you the number that is due whenever the wheel spins. The players cannot measure the probability of the numbers that have already appeared. Every number has an equal chance of appearing in every spin.


The wheel is absolutely random

A lot of dealers and the players assume that the dealer can make the ball land on one particular number. It largely depends on how the wheel is turned and there are other factors that contribute such as the wheel bias, air pressure and the friction.

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